Client journey

We believe that bespoke financial planning should begin with you: what are your personal goals and aspirations? What do you want the future to look like? What’s currently stopping you from getting there?

In order to answer those questions and get you on the right path to achieve your desired lifestyle, we follow a six-stage financial planning process:


1. Getting to know you

We place our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do. It’s therefore incredibly important that we first come to understand your goals, aspirations, needs and concerns through face-to-face conversation.


2. Analysing your financial situation

We will assess your existing pensions, savings and investments in order to get a full picture of where you are now.


3. Making recommendations that meet your goals and objectives

Using what we know about your future goals, we use cashflow modelling to inform our financial recommendations. Cashflow modelling works as a roadmap to the achievement of your personal goals; showing you the path to take to achieve your ideal lifestyle.


4. Helping you understand the choices, options and decisions you have to make

We will present your plan to you in person, making sure you understand every element and implication.


5. Implementing the decisions you take

Once you’re happy with your plan, leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll contact providers to make any necessary changes and help you to complete any paperwork.


6. Reviewing your circumstances regularly

To ensure you’re still on track to achieve your goals, we will meet with you regularly to assess the effectiveness and suitability of your financial plan. If your circumstances or goals change, we will be there to get you back on track.