Managing company investments

David’s story

David ran a successful business that had continued to make good profits year-on-year. He approached us to ask for some help with the investments that the company had made.

What we did

Following several meetings, we were able to restructure the investments, increase the diversification and manage the company’s assets within the agreed risk profile.

We also established a company pension scheme for the staff as well as the directors, together with a Group Death in Service scheme for all.

For the business, we have protected the control and the continuity by putting in place a tax-efficient Shareholder Protection scheme to ensure the funds are available when needed most. We have also ensured that the business contingency plans are in place, providing capital to the business should something happen to a key driver.


We meet with David and the other directors annually for a review meeting. We consider the business’s needs and the changing environment, making amendments and recommendations as required.

David’s company views the service that we offer very much like a specialist department of their own. They can call us in as and when required, allowing them to get on with running the business as they do so well.